TYLA Treasures©

Thinking of Your Little Angel

Who are we?

We are bereaved parents, who understand the pain of losing a baby, after our daughter, Tyla Renee, was born still in July 2005.

What is TYLA Treasures©?

TYLA Treasures© is a memory box program that was named after our daughter, Tyla. In this case, TYLA also stands for “Thinking of Your Little Angel”.

Memory Boxes are put together with loving care to be donated to our hospital’s Bereavement Program. They are then given to parents of babies who do not survive or who are not expected to survive, so that memories can be made and preserved.

What is TYLA Treasures©’ Goal?


Our goal at this time is to provide 50 boxes per year to the hospital that our daughter was born at. We would like to deliver 25 boxes in January and 25 boxes in July of each year. Eventually, it would be nice to provide boxes to other hospitals in our city, province, and perhaps nationally as well.


It may take a few years before we can accomplish our yearly goal, but with your help, we will be able to succeed.


What do the Memory Boxes contain?


   Items inside boxes may include:


          Teddy Bear or other stuffed animal

          Photo Album

          Photo Frame

          Disposable Camera

          Package of Tissues

          Baby Washcloth

          Journal & Pen


          Envelope or other item for lock of hair

          Hand/foot molding clay

          Cardstock for hand and footprints


Inside each memory box, there are several items for memory making and preserving. We know all too well that many of these parents only have a few precious hours to create memories that must last a life time.


All items, including the boxes themselves, are either purchased out of our own pockets or donated to us by caring individuals. Some boxes may not contain all items listed for lack of supply available. Some boxes may contain other items not listed here.


We try to choose items that we think other bereaved parents would treasure in the years to come. We know that these boxes will never replace their child, however, we know how much it means to have something to hold onto.


How can you help?


Donations of items for memory boxes, the boxes themselves, or other items such as handmade hats, booties, clothing (in micro-premie, premie and newborn sizes) or blankets are always welcome and very much appreciated. At this point in time, because we are not yet a non-profit organization and can not provide tax receipts, we do not ask for cash donations.


Boxes themselves may be gift boxes, photo boxes, paper-mache boxes or other boxes that are appropriately colored, decorated, or hand painted. We ask that they do not contain any religious symbols (such as angels) as these boxes will go to people of all backgrounds. They must be of fairly decent size to fit all the items inside.


For further ideas or information, please contact TYLA Treasures©.


How can you contact TYLA Treasures©?


You may email us at


How can you keep up-to-date on TYLA Treasures© news and events?


You can email us at the above address to be put on an e-mail list or a mailing list. We prefer email to keep mailing costs and paper products at a minimum, however, if you do not have email, you can be put on a mailing list.


You can read our online Blog at


We hope to have a website soon, so watch for news about that!